Gill Sensors Introduces Liquid Level Sensor for Defense Applications

LevelDefend delivers proven performance in critical defense applications such as tanks, military transport vehicles or military marine craft. Used as part of a larger system or vehicle, LevelDefend liquid level sensors provide robust, reliable and accurate measurement of fuel, oil or coolant in challenging defense applications and environments. 

LevelDefend is constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum with sealed electronics.  The sensor excels in harsh dynamic conditions where the liquid is subject to constant movement and the sensor subject to DEF STAN (MIL STD) levels of shock and vibration. In these demanding situations, LevelDefend delivers stable and reliable readings.  

The sensor uses solid-state capacitive technology to sense the level of the liquid. With no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages, LevelDefend provides excellent long term reliability, accuracy and durability resulting in lowest lifetime cost of ownership. 

Gill Sensors & Controls’ stringent quality control ensures that every sensor is factory calibrated with temperature compensation to provide market leading accuracy in liquid level measurement. <more>

Prototyping Quantities Available for Vishay T1170P Si PIN Diode Die

Prototyping Quantities Available for Vishay T1170P Si PIN Diode Die

Electroverge now offers 2 week lead-time on small quantities of Vishay T1170P Silicon PIN diode die.  The pin photodiode die with 0.88 mmsensitive area detects visible and near infrared radiation. We are offering wafer sawn on foil with disco frames for prototyping requirements.  The application for this part is high speed photo detectors.

Electroverge Stocking Axetris LabKit to Support Evaluation of IR Sources

Electroverge will be stocking the Axetris LabKit (600.777) to support circuit designers with an interactive tool for evaluation of the EMIRS200 and EMIRS50 IR Sources. The LabKit offers the design community with a plug-and-play solution for evaluating the suitability of our IR sources for their end application.  The LabKit is easy to use with a graphical user interface (GUI), full control of all drive parameters live from GUI, live diagram plots for data display and recording, and ability to export bitmap and Excel data. This kit supports both the EMIRS200 and EMIRS50.

New Scale Launches Smart Stage for High-Volume Applications

M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage delivers rapid, cost-effective integration of embedded motion into precision instruments designed for high-volume production

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has announced availability of its new M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage, a direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage with embedded controller. It is a cost-effective solution for instrument designers who need to embed precision motion into compact instruments that will be manufactured in high volumes.

Applications include wearable medical devices, instruments for DNA sequencing, instruments for point-of-care diagnostics, handheld video microscopes, devices for telemedicine, portable spectroscopy instruments, handheld imaging systems, and laser beam steering. Watch the video.

The M3-LS-U2-8 delivers all the benefits of the New Scale’s M3-LS Smart Stage family, including precision motion, small size, low power use, and rapid integration into OEM instruments. Its speed of 35 mm/sec is seven times faster than other M3-LS Smart Stages.

Axetris Appoints Micro Technology Group as US Distributor

Axetris, a Company of the Leister Group, has appointed Micro Technology Group, Inc., as a franchised distributor for the North American region. Axetris designs and manufacturers high reliability, infrared (IR) sources for medical, industrial, automotive and environmental applications. 

Axetris IR sources are micro-machine, electrically modulated, thermal infrared emitters featuring true black body radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime.  The sources are packaged in compact cans and are available with protective cap or with reflectors.  The can be fitted optionally with Sapphire, CaF2, BaF2 or Geranium broadband filters.  Axetris IR sources are ideally suited for compact IR gas detection modules where a high emissivity, high reliability and low power consumption are key requirements.  Contact Micro Technology Group, for more details on our product capabilities. 


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