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Electroverge offers an innovative solution for the marketing and sales of semiconductors, passive components, and related products. Our focus is providing an easy solution for launching new products and a channel for procuring specialty electronic components. We eliminate obstacles inherent in the traditional purchasing process, while providing an “easy to buy from” solution. Our platform reduces response time for technical support and sales activities, while providing improved communication with all stakeholders in the design cycle.

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LEDs, Laser Diodes & Detector Die

BiMetal Temperature Power Sensors(TPS)

Micro Motion Modules & Actuators

Digital & Analog Infrared Detectors

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Temperature Power Sensors (TPS)

Temp Sensors (-10 ∼ 110°C) 
Temp Sensors (200 ∼ 400°C) 
Liquid Temperature Sensors


• Linear Smart Stage
• Linear Actuators
• Rotary Modules
• Focus Modules


LED Bare Die
Detector Bare Die
Laser Diode Bare Die


Transistors EOL
Diodes EOL
Obsolete Bare Die


Featured Product

Linear Smart Stage Motor & Controller

optimized for long life and high-volume production.

New Scale's new M3-LS-U2-10 is a direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage motor with embedded controller designed for compact instruments. A cost-effective solution for instrument designers who need to embed precision motion into instruments designed for high-volume production and long life.  The speed of 35 mm/sec is seven times faster than other M3 Smart Stages.

Applications include instruments for DNA sequencing, wearable medical devices, instruments for point-of-care diagnostics, handheld video microscopes, devices for telemedicine, portable spectroscopy instruments, handheld imaging systems, and laser beam steering.

Supplier News

Pyreos has chalked up a significant design win with Safe Zone Technologies Inc which supplies gunfire detection systems for indoor spaces. In this application ezPyro infrared detectors are used for...

Chips 4 Light extends its UV LED Portfolio and offers a highly effective UV LED in 265 nm for sterilization and disinfection applications. This UV LED developed by Stanley Electric Co., Ltd, proofs...

For XY-stage and XYZ-stage applications, M3-LS linear micro stages are easily assembled into multi-axis configurations. The completed assemblies offer compact size and easy integration into your...

Matsuo Electric has developed a high-temperature thermostat that is capable of operating at temperatures at up to 450°C. Calibration from 200ºC to 400ºC are available with tolerance down to ±15ºC...

Supplier News

Supplier News – Micro Technology Group https://mtgelectronics.com Creating Demand Through Enabling Technologies Sun, 25 Apr 2021 19:05:04...

Pyreos has chalked up a significant design win with Safe Zone Technologies Inc which supplies gunfire detection systems for indoor spaces.In this application ezPyro infrared detectors are used for...

Premstaetten, Austria (February 11, 2021) — ams (SIX: AMS), a leading worldwide supplier of high-performance sensor solutions, today launches the 4LS series, adding new faster and higher resolution...

Panthronics has announced an extension of the evaluation kit for its PTX100R NFC Reader IC helping to accelerate development of NFC applications on the Renesas Synergy family of 32-bit...

Industry News

WASHINGTON: The Pentagon is seeking $2.3 billion to improve its ability to make specialized semiconductors for military use, as well as to fund next-generation chip innovation. Semiconductors, used...

The time when electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as pet projects that would someday come of age and go mainstream are long gone. In its place is a mad rush to develop EVs across numerous different...

Raytheon Intelligence & Space, a Raytheon Technologies (RTX +0.4%) business, plans to expand the deployment of checked baggage screening equipment to all federally managed airports nationwide...

Cynosure seems to be doing just fine after it was divested from Hologic in 2019. The medical aesthetics company is even getting involved in some acquisitions.The Westford, MA-based company said on...