Dev Kit - M3-FS Focus Module


TOTAL $900.00


The developer’s kit includes an M3-FS or M3-F focus module that you can control from your PC using our New Scale Pathway™ Software. This provides a simple and powerful platform for easy evaluation of the module as well as for your system development. You can interface directly to the module via its serial interface for prototyping. DK-M3-FS-1.8-1.5-M12/16 Includes the high-performance M3-FS-1.8-1.5-M16 focus module with ball bearing guide. USB adapter, M16 to M12 lens adapter, cables, instructions and New Scale Pathway™ software. (Lens not included)


  • One M3-FS Smart Focus Module
  • Ball bearing guide
  • USB adapter
  • M16 to M12 lens adapter
  • Cables, instructions and New Scale Pathway™ software