Linear Actuator with Integrated Control

The M3-L is a miniature high-resolution positioning system. It is a “smart” actuator with integrated driver and closed-loop controller inside the actuator.

This compact, powerful motion system helps OEM designers improve performance and reduce the size of instruments in a wide range of applications.

M3-L micro linear actuators add high-resolution positioning to portable and hand-held devices. They accept a 3.3 V supply and high-level input via standard serial interface.

Dev Kit - DK-M3-L-1.8-6.0 Dev Kit - DK-M3-L-1.8-6.0 New Scale Technologies
DEV KIT includes M3-L actuator, “push” and “pull” ends, USB adapter (SPI), connecting cables, mounting hardware and New Scale Pathway software 8 Weeks
M3-L Micro Linear Actuator with Embedded Controller M3-L Micro Linear Actuator with Embedded Controller New Scale Technologies
Linear Actuator with Integrated Controller, up to 20mm travel, 5µm precision 8 Weeks